This style is named after its most renown features: The two side gussets that expand when the pouch is being filled. This style of pouch could be sealed on the side, or the back. The difference is the position of a fin lap after the sealing process. Side-gusseted pouches have been the classical packaging style for coffee bean roasters around the world. It has become popular in other sectors of food packaging as well, such as cheese crackers, beef jerkys, loose leaf teas, etc.
It has two long panels on the front and back side of the pouch for printing and brand presentation. Usually, it could sit upright when the pouch is full, it could not maintain the upright posture without the help of the weight of the products. The side-gusseted pouch is a very economical style to use for packaging. It could be the best choice for you if you want to save your production cost and also keep the retro outlook for your products.
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