A Stand-up pouch, or as some regions may call it a Doypack, is the most commonly used style in flexible packaging. It refers to a multilayer laminated pouch with a bottom gusset, designed to stand upright on its own. The main advantage of a stand-up pouch is its ability to display your products in an upright position, with a large front and back surface for printing.
It is a popular method to appeal to your customers efficiently and present your brand image boldly and directly. The stand-up pouch is suitable to package a wide range of products, including coffee and tea, snacks and nuts, confectioneries, supplementary powders, etc. Packaging Lab stocks unprinted stand-up pouch in various size and colours every month. Materials range from kraft paper to normal plastic and eco-friendly options. Welcome to browse our shopping page for more information.Enquire us now if you have any questions: enquiry@packaginglab.com.au

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